The Beginning of it All July 03 2013, 16 Comments

The never told true story of the beloved company, known to us as Milena's Corner, will be unfold in this very first blog post. Without the many hardships that came upon the co-founder Josefina Bozovic (Me!), Milena's Corner may have never existed. It all started when I left my beautiful country Guatemala in 2004, divorced; leaving behind my elder children with the only person I trust the beloved mother. Don't think I was a bad mother or I didn't care about them, I was forced under the conditions I was at that time. Coming to this country looking for a better future, with no money, just hopes and dreams. But as time pass, I met many glorious people who helped me get up on my feet, and be able to bring my children to the United States of America in 2007! With no English, they began to learn, and assimilated very quickly.

In November 2011, my daughter Sofia started volunteering for My New Red Shoes, a non-profit organization that provides homeless children with new clothes so they can go to school without feeling left out because of their clothing. She volunteered at a homeless shelter for families and began to think of ways to help donate money for the organization. With this, Milena's Corner was created and her passion for creating jewelry was so big that I can't see my dining table anymore! 

I have so many more stories to tell you but for now we're just gonna leave it here.